Our instruments and equipment

Orbitrap Elite mass spectrometer equipped with ETD, Nano LC, and UPLC (ThermoFisher Scientific)

Desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometric imaging (DESI-MSI) source (Prosolia, Inc.)

High field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry (ultraFAIMS from Owlstone Medical)


Velox 360 PaperSpray ionization source,

Prosolia, Inc.

Low-temperature plasma ionization probe (home-built)

DESI-MS: Pressurized sample infusion for reaction monitoring (home-built)


Heated electrospray ionization (HESI-II) Probe (ThermoFisher Scientific)

Nanoelectrospray ionization probe 

(ThermoFisher Scientific)

NanoZoomer-SQ digital slide scanner 



Bright field trinocular microscope -

Zeiss Primo Star

Capillary puller.JPG

P-1000 Micropipette puller (Sutter Instrument)

Rotary evaporator - Heidolph Instruments

Leica CM1860 - Cryostat

Eppendorf freezer.JPG

Eppendorf -86°C freezer 

Thermo freezer.JPG

Thermo Sci. -80°C freezer

Samsung convertible freezer

Biosafety cabinet.webp

Thermo biosafety cabinet

Ductless fume hood.jpg

Esco ductless fume hood 

MRC lab - convection oven

pH meter.jpg

LAQUA micro pH electrode

Tissue homogenizer.jpg

Minilys tissue homogenizer

Thermal shaker - Thermo Sci.

Eppendorf centrifuge.webp

Refrigerated centrifuge - Eppen.

REMI centrifuge.jpg

Blood centrifuge - Remi R-4C

vacuum manifold.jpg

3-port vacuum manifold

Sonicator bath.jfif

Ultrasonic bath - Bandelin 

Mass flow controller.jpg

Mass flow controller - Alicat Sci.

Vacuum concentrator - Eppen.

Analytical balance.jpg

Sartorius analytical balance

Holmarc - LED illuminator

IKA - Heating plate


Motorized moving stage

....and several other equipment