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Shibdas Banerjee, "Mass spectrometry: A journey towards cancer diagnosis" Cutting Edge - A Spinco Biotech Publication, January 2018, 36-38. (invited article)

S. Banerjee*, "Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometric Imaging for Disease Diagnosis: Excitements and Challenges" 

Journal of Biosciences, 2018, 43, 731-738 (invited review article)

Cover page_JBSC.jpg

S. Banerjee, E. Gnanamani, S. R. Lynch, F. Z. Zuñiga, J. M. Jimenez-Vargas, L. D. Possani, and R. N. Zare “An Alkaloid from Scorpion Venom: Chemical Structure and Synthesis” 

Journal of Natural Products, 2018, 81, 1899-1904

S. Sathyamoorthi, S. Banerjee J. Du Bois, N. Z Burns, and R. N Zare, “Site-selective bromination of sp3 C-H bonds”, Chemical Science, 2018, 9, 100-104
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